Does the Paper Matter?

Different types of copiers use different paper

When purchasing a copier, the design and type of the machine isn’t the only consideration. Since every copier uses paper, you need to know what type of paper your machine can use. These types range from color copying to Inkjet paper to laser printing paper. Each type has a use, but ordering the wrong kind will waste time and money.

Inkjet versus Laser

The small inkjet printer is mostly used in the home. These devices use a special type of paper that can withstand the liquid jets used to make images. This paper is good for water-based inks. Laser printers are becoming more common in home use, but are in offices around the world. Laser printer paper is very smooth to the touch. This allows the toner particles easier bonding with the paper. When one type is use d on the other printer, it may or may not work. The wrong type of paper causes image deterioration.

Color copying paper

Many laser copiers only print in black and white. If you have a color laser printer, another type of special paper is used. This paper is coated to withstand the heat that is needed to print the page. This printing results in a great picture only if you have the right paper.