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Used Copiers Available

Not everyone needs a brand new copier, if you are interested in a used copier, call us!


Best Technology

We are Xerox Authorized meaning we can help you get into Xerox’s most cost-efficient copier plans!


Toner Included

We keep up to date with all of the current brands and trends in technology so that you're getting the best when you buy from us.


Professional Installation

Get the most out of your copier with our professional installation services - Scan to email, scan to folders, get tablet PC's to work

We cover you in the following areas:

Spare on the shelf for free.

Free shipping on supplies.

No charge to return copier when your lease is over.

No Network Installation Fees.

No cost for lease paperwork.

No Coverage Penalties.

Why You Should Choose Los Angeles Copier

Great rates for your copier.



We separate ourselves by assuring you we take environmental stewardship seriously.



We only sell the units we believe were the very best from the manufacturers we sell.



Our copiers come with a 3-year warranty and a supplies plan to cover everything you need except for paper!

Thank You For Choosing Us

Thank you for letting us be your number one stop on all your copier needs. Questions to find the best copier for your business is essential. However, a lot of business owners ask the wrong questions, which is where they can be misled and stopped from finding a copier that meets their demands. What features will you need for your business? A lot of business owners make the mistake of assuming they will automatically know, but this is when businesses run into trouble. They purchase a copier that fails to meet all their demands.

Before you go to buy or lease a copier, you need to ask a lot of questions. This helps you to avoid unwanted surprises. That is why we often interview our customer with a series of questions. While many business owners ask, they fail to ask enough detailed questions. Ask the copier dealer a question that will require some thought because if you are going to use them for future services, they should demonstrate their expertise. If they seem to dodge giving direct answers, you might be at the wrong dealership. A knowledgeable company will go in depth and assist you in finding the best copier for your business. If you do not know where to start, our company in Los Angeles can help. Contact us for further information.

We can't wait to get started helping you choose your copier. Click "Get Pricing" below and get your itemized quote today!

Our Latest News & Updates

Xerox WorkCentre 7535 Multifunction Printer

This Xerox WorkCentre 7535 Multifunction Printer has printing speeds of 35pages per minute in color and in black and white. Features include: Color MFP with support for TabloidCopy, print, scan, fax, emailDuty cycle: Up to 110,000  images/monthPrint resolution: up to 1200 x 2400 dpi The WorkCentre 7535 Color Multifunction Printer quickly scans your documents at…

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Using the Secure Print Manager

You can use the Secure Print Manager Suite to help you with a number of tasks and features when using a Xerox copier. You are able to add more print security, control and reporting without disrupting IT infrastructure. This helps streamline your security on your Xerox copier. With the Secure Print Manager, you can also…

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Xerox VersaLink C400 Color Copier

The Xerox VersaLink C400 Color Copier is dependable as soon as you open it. You can set it up easily and with the equipment you already own. With printing speeds of Up to 36 pages per minute, this is a great little device for a small business office or even a home office. It works…

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Used Copier Machines

Not everyone needs a brand new copier, if you are interested in a used copier, call us!

All Toner Included

When you buy a copier from us, we ensure you have the toner you need to print and also allow you spares on the shelf so you are never down!

Professional Installation

Get the most out of your copier with our professional installation services - Scan to email, scan to folders, get tablet PC's to work.

Committed to the Earth

We help you get connected to environmentally sound electronics recycling companies. This way the copier isn't shipped to Africa or China to be burned in poor villages. See this tragic video

Los Angeles Based

We are not a huge corporation with 100,000 employees. When you buy from us you are helping your local community create more jobs. Your tech support question isn't sent overseas.

High Uptime

We choose reliable copiers with a proven history of reliable service. We sell fully remanufactured copiers, not a used copier that has problems right around the corner.

Our Partners

We partner with awesome brands to ensure we get you the best rates.