A Brief Review Of The Xerox WorkCentre 4150

If you're wondering what kind of copier Los Angeles businesses are using you may want to check out the Xerox WorkCentre 4150

It’s hard to find a copier that does it all for a reasonable price, but the Xerox WorkCentre 4150 rises to the challenge. Small enough to fit on a desktop, but large enough to hold 500 pages in the standard tray (The bypass tray can hold 100 pages), the Xerox WorkCentre 4150 is a versatile, agile copier Los Angeles end users are just finding out about! If you need up to 2,000 pages available, the Xerox WorkCentre 4150 can add on additional trays in seconds. With toner yields of 20,000 available, you don’t have to dread switching out cartridges often! Designed to handle all but the most taxing and demanding printing environments, the Xerox WorkCentre 4150 is a great multifunction choice. A few other specs:

  • 200,000 page monthly duty cycle for those busy times of year
  • Offers an attractive monochrome touch-screen display for ease of use
  • Has many upgrade options for faxing, scanning, and interfacing with your network

The Xerox WorkCentre 4150 also has a few other similar upgraded models such as the Xerox WorkCentre 4150/S and the Xerox WorkCentre 4150/X. For a black and white copier Los Angeles can be proud of, including faxing and scanning features, the Xerox WorkCentre 4150 is a multifunction copier that and department or small business would be proud to own.