Leasing A Copier Los Angeles Has For You: How To Decide

When tightening the belt, a Los Angeles copier lease can keep money in your pocket longer

When leasing a copier Los Angeles companies very rarely know exactly what they’re getting into. There can be hidden costs associated with copier leasing in Los Angeles, but there are also many fringe benefits of leasing. First and foremost the hidden costs can be detrimental to your bottom line if you don’t keep abreast of a few things:

  • Are you responsible for packing and shipping it back at the end of the lease?
  • Is there a lease rate ladder where you could spend just a little extra to get much more?
  • What percentage of color is included in base prints, and are you getting too many base prints?

Leasing a copier in Los Angeles isn’t an easy choice all the time, but if you take into account the questions above you can at least be a little more sure of what the deal is with leasing a copier. The nice part about copier leasing is obviously the capital outlay factor–you can get a much larger, nicer machine without the hefty price tag  all at once. The fact that you can have supplies, service, and a mostly hassle-free experience is a big attraction for many users. Making sure that you know how the numbers are working for YOU is the most important thing when considering a Las Angeles copier lease!