$1 Buyout On A Copier Los Angeles Leasing Companies Are Offering

Make sure the copier Los Angeles reps are leasing you is exactly what you want if you choose the $1 buyout option!

The $1 buyout is an interesting concept in the Los Angeles copier industry. It could be equated with a rent to own type of program but with lower payments than a rent to own type of situation. It’s like a copier lease, but at the end you get to decide if you want to pay the dollar and keep the copier, or pay to ship it back to the Los Angeles copier company. It’s usually best to choose the $1 buyout option when:

  • You love the equipment that you have and can’t see yourself changing it for any reason
  • You definitely want to keep the equipment and don’t want to pay for packing and shipping at the end of the lease
  • When you would normally buy that same copier and don’t want to spend that capital up front

The FMV lease is a little better way to “test drive” equipment, and you can get 36 month leases to do that. If you do a 60 month copier lease and you plan on keeping the equipment the $1 buyout would definitely work out economically to your advantage. It takes a balance of knowing what you want, when and how much you want to pay, and knowing the differences in Los Angeles copier leasing options.