Los Angeles Copier Leases, When it’s a Bad Deal for You…

If you are looking at getting a copier lease in los Angeles, then you need to understand the purpose of a lease and when they are a bad deal for you and your company.

The first thing to realize about a lease is that they are a financial arrangement between your company and a bank.  They are no different than a mortgage or a car lease in a practical sense.  You are essentially allowing someone else to pay the upfront money so you can enjoy the benefit of a product over time.  There are some accounting reasons to lease as well, I am not as equipped to explain these benefits as my specialty is copiers, not finanacing.

  • Leases are essentially loans with an interest rate attached. 
  • Whether you lease or buy, you can still be under a maintenance contract
  • You need to evaluate your lease rate factor with other forms of financing to ensure the best copier deal.

If you are looking for a copier in Los Angeles, just understand you can purchase the copier outright or you can lease the copier and either method is fine and something we’d love to help you out with!