Letter Vs Tabloid Copier Los Angeles Companies Are Deciding Between

Looking for something different? A tabloid copier in Los Angeles may not be it!

The choice between a letter/legal (A4 copier) and a tabloid (or A3 copier Los Angeles reps call them) is usually made too difficult. The main question is how much tabloid printing and copying does your organization do? Tabloid copiers are usually bigger, and it’s been solely on the size of the copier (and that fact it looked like a “real” copier) that companies have bought them! They are power-hungry, oversize machines, and typically print SLOWER than a lot of smaller, more agile, quieter machines. There is also a few thousand dollars (at least) differential. The main reason to get a tabloid copier in Los Angeles? Because you really need it, and print enough tabloid to where taking it to a copy shop would break the bank. For a Los Angeles copier that meets your needs, contact your local rep to determine what those needs are so you can be matched up with something that’s not draining your profits. Here are the features that the typical business need in a Los Angeles copier:

  • Fast printing, copying, scanning and faxing
  • Quick warm-up times and under 10 seconds for first page out
  • Letter, legal, envelope, and maybe gloss or business card stock sizes/textures ability

Beyond these basic and important features, tabloid is the for the engineers, advertisers, and manufacturers of the world. Make sure that you print and copy tabloid before sinking your hard earned cash into a giant tabloid copier Los Angeles companies may sell you.