Xerox Color Copiers in Los Angeles

Does Your Color Copier Make the Cut?

I just got done dealing with a customer issue with a Xerox WorkCentre 6400 and it made me remember why our company partners up with Xerox for Color copiers in LA.  We had a bunch of issues happening under warranty and the customer was getting more and more aggravated (as they should)…  anyway, as we worked through the Xerox support channel, we were able to get Xerox to agree to take this copier back almost a year after it was first unboxed and they are swapping out the unit.  Most copier companies leave you in the lurch when there is a problem with their copier.  Xerox has been excellent in getting the customer taken care of in the long run.  Is Xerox a perfect partner, of course not.  However, when there are problems, they have our backs and that is about all you can hope for these days!  Does your color copier company make the cut or do they leave you with their problems?