Are You Looking at the Colorqube in Los Angeles?

Xerox Colorqube

Are you in Los Angeles and looking to buy a Xerox Colorqube 9301, a Xerox Colorqube 9302, or a Xerox Colorqube 9303?  The Xerox Colorqube is a pretty sweet copier, but it may surprise you to know that there may be an option in Los Angeles which uses the same technology for 1/10 the price if your situation applies.

The Xerox Colorqube uses a wax based printing technology which has been around for close to 15 years.  It has been perfected since Xerox took over the company Tektronix.  Now, there are wax based printers from about $500 (The Colorqube 8570) to $25,000 or so with the Colorqube 93XX series.

So, if you are in Los Angeles and looking at the Xerox Colorqube copier, what should you know before you buy it.  The main thing we’d like to mention is that if your output is not going to be tabloid sized (11 x 17) or finished (stapled), then you could get away with the Colorqube 8870 printer or the Phaser 8560MFP copier.  They have plans which rival the pricing on the Colorqube 9301, Colorqube 9302, and the Colorqube 9303.  If you are getting the Colorqube series for cheaper color, then you may want to consider some of the letter/legal options.

If you are looking for Xerox Colorqube products in Los Angeles, give us a call and we will be happy to serve you.  We do not personally sell the Colorqube 9301, Colorqube 9302, or Colorqube 9303, but we do partner with a company that can help you get these copiers if that is what you need.