Used Copiers in Los Angeles

Is Your Rep Pushing Used Copiers Too Hard?


Are you looking for a copier in Los Angeles and your copier sales rep is just pushing the issue a little too hard?  I have seen people buy used copiers in Los Angeles for the same price that new copiers cost.  Why?  they don’t understand how much the cost of new copiers have come down, especially if your Los Angeles company does not need tabloid printing capability.

Copiers in Los Angeles are a tricky thing.  We work hard to match you with the right copier.  Maybe it is a new 30 page per minute Xerox Copier or it might be a 65 page per minute Kyocera copier.  We believe there is no “one size fits all” approach that really works.  This is why we have our copier qualification form on the home page of our site!