How to Avoid Overpaying on Your Next Copier in Los Angeles

It is always important to make sure you are getting the best deals, especially in this economy.  As you are shopping for a copier in Los Angeles, this area of business is no exception!  You could “just trust” your copier dealer, or you can insist on getting the best deals and take the time needed to make sure this happens for your company.  We want to give you a few tips that can help you in your quest, whether you choose to purchase from our company, or someone else in Los Angeles.

  1. Only Get Tabloid if You Need Tabloid —  Often copier sales reps will come into your office and try and sell you whatever they want to sell rather than what you need.  Tabloid, when unneeded, is generally about $3,000 more expensive.
  2. Don’t Get Too Caught Up on Initial Price or Click Charges —  If you are trying to get the best deal, you should consider a concept called TCO or Total Cost of Ownership.  This is the cost of the machine over the 5 years, plus maintenance plus toner.
  3.  If You Don’t Need Color, You Don’t Need Color —  Too many companies buy color copiers when they only need Black and White.  If you are your business’ decision maker and you determine color is not needed for your business, you should make sure no one can overrule your decision!
  4. Don’t Always Assume Used Copiers Are Cheaper –  Copiers that are used, can be cheaper, but with a lot of the new technology out there, they can be more expensive.  If you need to make simple copies and aren’t doing a ton, maybe that $499 copier makes more sense than the huge copier that is $2,000 and does basically the same thing.

If you need a copier here in Los Angeles, please give us a call right away!