Saving on Color Copies

Saving on Color Copiers in Los Angeles
An important pricing consideration when purchasing a new copier in Los Angeles is color printing. While the prices have come down for color printing, they are still significantly higher than monochrome printing. Thus, it is prudent to follow certain steps to limit out-of-control expenses that could come from color prints:

– Reduce the number of color printers available in your organization.

– Assign color printing to large volume printers that generally have a lower cost per click.

– Provide restricted access to color printing.

– If the color printing needs of your organization are minimal, consider outsourcing the printing to a local copy shop.

– Encourage conservative printing habits in employees, including printing on color paper instead of relying on color prints, and printing in b&w whenever possible.

– Track the number of documents printed in color, ensuring the employees in your organization are aware they are accountable for whatever they print — at least color prints.

These strategies can help minimize the expenditure you could face from your color copier in Los Angeles.