When Los Angeles Companies Make Expensive Copier Mistakes

Get a Great Deal!

What to do when you have made a bad copier decision:

If you are looking to get yourself out of a bad copier deal, you are not alone.  There are many Los Angeles companies that got a copier and it seemed like a great deal when the sales rep was selling it, but then there were tricks that you weren’t aware of.

The first step you should look at is to speak with your current copier company.  Sometimes they have means where you can trade out the copier you have for one that is more appropriate.  A lot of times this is not going to work.

If the copier company cannot, or will not help, then you need do an assessment of your issue.  Some of the factors to consider:

  • How long is left on your current copier lease?
  • What features did you need that are not in your current copier?
  • Is the reason you need to switch just financial?

When you look at these factors, some answers come become more clear.  If you have less than a year or so on your lease, generally speaking, the best plan is to ride out the copier lease.  If it needs more features, then you may be able to add these features without getting a whole other copier from a Los Angeles dealer.

If you would like to get some personalized help in figuring out what to do with a bad copier lease, please give us a call today!