Are you trying to find used copiers in LA?

Used Copiers in Los Angeles 

Many and varied are the reasons that start the search for a used copier. Some find themselves looking for a starter machine while their new business gets going, others need a fill in machine and know that buying new isn’t always the best way to go. There are countless ways that a used copier turns out to be a viable option, but normally the situation involves fitting a budget to a required set of features. If you are in Los Angeles and any of the above sounds like you, then read on…

We have used Xerox copiers, used HP copiers, used Kyocera copiers, and used Lexmark copiers all currently available. To ensure performance we will have one of our trained technicians go over the machine before it’s sent out, and we provide a 30 day onsite warranty.

We don’t think that just because the lease is up on a machine that the life of the product is over. Many of these have many years of printing ahead of them. If you are trying to keep your budget at a minimum this is a savvy way to do it.

We pride ourselves in working to find the best solution for businesses in Los Angeles so give us a call!