Do you rent?

An alternative to renting in Los Angeles

If you do occasional printing jobs the in Los Angeles then you probably don’t have a full time copier. It doesn’t make sense to pay for a machine every month when you don’t use it every month. In certain instances we have worked with people who saved money by switching to leasing, however.

Find out:

  • How much you print in a month.
  • How fast your machine needs to be.
  • If you need advanced features like stapling, hole punching, tabloid printing, color etc. etc.

Collect a few exploratory quotes and do the math. If you think you can save money leasing, or even break even then it may be worth it. You get to have the copier full time too. If you need expensive upgrades (like stapling) then renting is most likely cheaper.

We rent and lease copiers and we would be happy to go over the advantages and disadvantages of each if you call us.