11×17, yes or no?

Trying to find an 11×17 in Los Angeles?

If you print a lot of 11×17 sized pages then you can’t live without it. If you don’t do too many then you may be trying to decide if it will be worth buying an 11×17 capable machine on your next purchase. It can boost the cost of a copier quite a bit so you are wise in researching.

It seems that there is a breaking point at ten percent. If more than 10% of your prints are to be tabloid size then you can bet that it is a good decision to buy one. If you are under this mark then you need to decide if the convenience outweighs the cost. Were will you have them done, how much will that cost, and how much time will it take? If you do a lot of printing you may be able to lower this ten percent rule a few points, it’s not written in stone.

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