Are you getting ripped off?

Some indicators that you may have a problem

Sometimes it’s easier to try to forget that you have a problem then to deal with it. Unfortunately a lot of businesses don’t have the tools to recognize when they are being taken advantage of. If their copier rep seems friendly enough then they take his word as the expert. The following are some questions that will raise red flags if you are in a bad situation.

  • Are you only printing on letter and legal sized pages but you have a machine that will print tabloid (11X17) ?
  • Are you printing exclusively in black and white but you have a color capable machine?
  • Do you pay for prints that you don’t acutally use?
  • Do you spend large amounts of money compared to the amount you print?

Hopefully you said no to all of these. If you did see a few red flags though, then you may be in a situation that needs to be corrected. It’s not fun but it will save you money in the long haul.

Do you want to know more about this? We can help you trouble-shoot, just call!