Going to Renew Your Copier Lease?

Renewing a copier lease in Los Angeles

A lease agreement can be a good thing under certain circumstance. This circumstance could be a company not having enough funds available to purchase a copier. When that original that lease agreement is up, you should think about a few things before resigning
Nothing in life is free. If the leasing agent offers you various free options, be wary of these gifts. The leasing company will get the money out of you eventually.

If the leasing company had to exchange your copier a few times during the least agreement, it means the machines are sub par. Don’t resign with a company that doesn’t take care of their own machines. This indicates bad business on more levels than just machine maintenance.

Just because your business may be in a tight spot, don’t be bullied in to resigning the lease. There are many companies in the Los Angeles area. Look for the one that will help your business, not hinder it.

Make sure you read the entire lease agreement before signing. This will help point out various clauses and parts that might go against you and your business. You are the caretaker of your company, don’t let the unknown hurt it.

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