Tiered Billing in Los Angeles

Using tiered Billing in Los Angeles

What is tiered billing? This is a new trend in the copier industry to help make color copies more affordable. Tiered billing is the process of only charging the Los Angeles customer for the color that is used on the page. This means that an all black and white copy with just a dash of red will be more than a full black and white copy but less than a full color copy. This style of billing can cut the costs on many types of copying and printing.

When a business is looking to lease a copier in Los Angeles, remember to ask about tiered billing. This can cut down the costs on not just the copied pages, but the supplies as well. Every cent saved can help keep a small business running. Tiered billing is a way to keep color within the copying budget.

Keep in mind that the more color that is used, the higher the price. If your business does a lot of color printing, it might be best to keep with the old single copy rate. Do the math and figure out what will be best for your business.

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