Data Security and Your Copier

Don't TellCompanies must safeguard confidential information to comply with government regulations and protect their employees, clients, donors and proprietary information. Examples include health records, birth dates, salaries, phone numbers, trade secrets and research activities. Modern printers are sophisticated devices with hard drives that store everything that they process. You should include this device in your information security audits to establish procedures, which prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing the data. When it is time to return, discard or exchange a copier, you should ensure that the hard drive is thoroughly erased to prevent accidental disclosures.

We can help you accomplish this task by loading disk-scrubbing software on a computer connected to the copier. The software will locate network system hard drives. Our technician will select the copier’s hard drive from the list and run the program. When the scrubbing process is complete, the information will be erased. The cycle can take over an hour to finish. We will install your new copy machine before we start the process because you cannot use the old model while we scrub the data.

Contact our Los Angeles area team if you have any questions about copiers and protecting sensitive information.