Buying a New Copier – Pitfalls

If you are in Los Angeles and are looking to purchase a copier for your office, there are some pitfalls to avoid before you even start the buying process.  Here are some of the most common we see when people are purchasing a copier in Los Angeles.

Buying something like what they had before –

This mistake is very common and the reason it is a mistake is because it assumes the copier you had was the correct copier for your company.  Not every copier is created equal and when you are buying a copier for your company, you need to know the strengths and weaknesses of that copier for your company.  Just because you had a big color copier doesn´t mean you need the same thing.  Maybe you do, but like insurance, it is good to reassess your needs from time to time.

Leasing when you can afford to purchase.

The only reason this is a mistake is because a lease is more or less financing.  It will cost you 15% or so more than if you just bought the copier outright.  Supplies and service plans are still available if you purchase outright.

Not wanting to assess

This is also very common.  ¨I just want a black and white copier, can you send me a quote?¨ — This is like saying, I just want a car, can I get a quote.  Hard to get you the right copier if no details are understood.

We hope this helps you in your quest and if you would like a copier, please give us a ring or fill our our form.