Buying a Business Copier

5655-CopierLos Angeles Copier Sales:

An innovative New York patent attorney created the first copier to make the process of mass duplication less time consuming and labor intensive. While Xerox copiers simplify the process of making quality copies, an office copy machine poses some challenges.

The first is the cost of the machine. It is important to understand the full cost associated with a copier. In addition to the initial purchase or leasing costs, there are expenses associated with maintaining the unit. These include maintenance and replacing consumables, such toner and paper. Color copies are more expensive to make than black and white. If your company does not establish sufficient controls, the volume of authorized and unauthorized copies may quickly exceed the amount that your organization allocates for this operation.

According to Xerox, the cost of producing office documents can exceed 5 percent of a company’s annual budget. Although employees can access documents on their tablets, smartphones and other devices, the use of paper continues to increase. While most senders prefer to upload and email documents, many recipients print the files.

If you want information on how to control your printing costs or need to purchase or lease a copier, give our Los Angeles area team a call. We can explain the latest advances in Xerox cost control technology.