Los Angeles Copier Buying Tips

Looking For a Copier?

Looking for a copier in LA? Buying a copier can be an important decision for your business. Before you select a make and model there are a number of items to consider:

–How much do you anticipate growing in the next few years? In general you should plan your purchase around anticipated future growing. A wise prediction now can save you money rather than having to purchase a whole new machine in a year or two.

–Can you get a better value by getting refurbished machine rather than a new one? Refurbished machines cost a lot less money and are a great way of getting more features and greater capacity.

–Does your office need a fax machine, printer, or scanner? There are many multi-function machines on the market today (look at some of the machines made by XEROX that are incredible).

–How are you going to manage the users of your new copier? Depending on the networking situation in your office, copiers can be made to work with directories like LDAP and Active Directory so that users can be authenticated, usage logged, abuse prevented, and costly color copies limited.

In addition to your local LA XEROX representative there are many online resources to help you gather more information.