Getting More Bang for Your Buck

XEROX Makes Life Easier

XEROX offers Los Angeles based companies a number of cloud based services to make managing your copying and printing needs easier that ever before. In the past few decades offices have changed. Offices that used to spend significant time and resources copying, organizing, collating, and filing documents can now use cloud based electronic document management software to secure, file, share, and update documents.

Ordering copier supplies used to be a pain. Now, XEROX’s eConcierge software can be installed on both your computers and printers can notify you when supplies are low and need to be ordered. The eConcierge program will even assist you with the supply purchasing process. XEROX now makes a cloud-based system for managing printing from most phones and tablets. By using XEROX mobile print management software companies can control access, queues, and services (such as whether or not a particular employee can make color copies).

Today’s XEROX copiers are more than just copiers, they are integrated office machines; equipped with fax and scan functions and enhanced by cloud software services. To find out more information about how XEROX can help your business be more efficient, give your Los Angeles XEROX sales staff a call today.