Used Copiers

Buying a used copier machine

Buying a used copier may be the best option for your company particularly if you are a new, emerging business which is aiming to keep start-up costs low. But before you go out and get a used copier or printer there are a few facts that you should know in order to make sure that you get the best deal. Whatever you do, don’t rush into any deals and do due diligence before making an purchases.

There is a big difference between an “as-is” used machine and a “refurbished machine.” “As-is” machines are often sold by dealers with a 14 day warranty. The machine may have been cleaned up a bit but generally the customer is considered responsible for maintenance and repair costs in the future.

A refurbished machine is one that has been thoroughly cleaned, has had parts replaced, and has been inspected and has passed factory standards. Refurbished machines generally come with a 30,60, or 90 day warranty.

Before you buy any machine make sure that any electronics, attachment trays, Ethernet connections, and other functions work properly. Find out what the duty load is for the machine and the number of copiers that the machine can make per minute. Also, make sure you get a reasonable deal on service and supply costs.

Buying a used machine can save you a lot of money but doing due diligence instead of rushing to purchase can save you a lot of headaches.