Used Copiers, are they Always a Cheaper Option?

We try to alleviate some of the inherent confusion that comes with buying a new copier. Seen as there are over 2,000 different kinds of copiers that people can chose from and when you take into account the number of used copiers that have been discontinued, there are over twice that number to choose from. A

Save Money

Save Money

lot of times sales reps will try to push used copiers on customers because they think that they will be saving them money. While this can be true a lot of the time, it is not necessarily always the case.

Knowing that there are options like Xerox’s Colorqube 8700 – which prices at around $2,400 – helps us guide our customers to copiers that will be almost as inexpensive as most used copiers but will also allow them to reap the benefits of owning a new copier, with all of the newest features. Our customers have had a lot of success with the Colorqube as their office’s new copier.

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