Getting the Right Copier for Your Office

With so many different options out there in the copier buying world, it becomes absolutely critical that you have a pretty good idea about what your office will need out of copier to be happy moving forward. There are too many instances when people get a device that has too many features that they just don’t use and too many

Los Angeles Color Copier Sales

Los Angeles Color Copier Sales

times people get a device that they wish did things that their device doesn’t have the capabilities to do. In order to ensure that you get what you want, and to help your sales rep help you, it is important that you be able to answer questions like the ones that follow:

What is it about your current device that you do and don’t like?

Will your office be using features like tabloid printing?

Will finishing be used enough to justify spending the extra money on it?

When is the latest date you could have the copier by?

What is your company’s decision process like? Who will you need to ask about the copier?

If you have questions like this answered before you go into buying one, it will make the entire process that much easier. Please give us a call at (818) 483-6909 and we will get your Los Angeles company the copier it needs to succeed.