How Does the Copier Rep Make Money?

As a business in Los Angeles, you should understand your copier and how sales reps earn their money through your printing. Although some companies naïvely believe that they have unlimited pages, it’s a wrong assumption. The following basics will help you better understand why.

• Sales representatives earn a commission. This means that the bigger the contract they can negotiate with your Los Angeles office, the more money they’re going to earn.

• The contract can’t offer unlimited pages. Logically, it just doesn’t make sense. Think of it this way: If your office was printing less than 1,000 pages per month and suddenly increased to 10,000, the representative would have to increase your rate. Otherwise, they lose out on the amount of ink and service provided.

• Contracts aren’t just for your benefit. They also give a safeguard to the sales rep by making sure there are no major liabilities. Unlimited pages are a huge liability because of the loss that would be incurred.

A fair contract is obtainable, but it will never err in favor of the customer. Keep these things in mind when planning your Los Angeles copier purchase.