Packaging Copier at the End of a Copier Lease

Leasing a copier in Los Angeles has a number of benefits, but the most advantageous is that you’ll be able to save money while being allowed to return the copier to the company you leased it from. This means that you take care of both the problems associated with having old hardware and those that come from trying to reduce the expense that owning a copier incurs.

The problem is that you might be required to box up the old copier when you return it, because you only took out a lease for one term.

Why are you being forced to repackage it? The simple answer is that the copier company doesn’t want to pay to do so, especially if your lease is up.

It costs them about two hours for a tech that works at $20 an hour to package the copier up. That means the total cost of packaging your copier comes out to a nominal $40 on the company providing you the copier in Los Angeles.

Here’s some quick tips to ensure that your copier gets returned without any arguments from the lease company:

1. Meet the deadline to have the copier returned. This includes ensuring that it ships in time to be received by the lease company.

2. Package components separately while documenting the packaging thoroughly with pictures. This ensures that you can prove you packaged the copier correctly.

3. Work with the company you’re purchasing your new copier with. They may be able to help you with freight costs if you tell them that you packaged up the old copier yourself.

The one benefit of packaging your own copier is that you get to find out which company providing copiers in Los Angeles has the best rates. This makes picking your next lease far more efficient than if you had bundled the cost of packaging and shipping with a multiple-term lease.