Leasing a Copier in Los Angeles

business woman working on office printerWhen you’re shopping for a copier in Los Angeles, you may hear the falsehood that laser printers are more expensive than copiers. That may or may not be accurate. Too often people who are comparing Los Angeles copiers only look at the price per copy and base their decision on that, but plenty of other factors are relevant, including the cost of running the machine, the cost of maintenance and the cost of the copier itself. You need to find the total cost of ownership.

Let’s look at an analogy to show why you can’t assume a copier is less expensive. If you’re buying a vehicle, you can’t just use the miles per gallon figure to make a decision. One car may get 35 mpg, while another gets 25. Which one is cheaper? The 25 mpg if you’re talking about gas, but it’s not wise to use that as the sole criteria for buying a car. You want to know the retail price, what the maintenance costs will be and more, so while you’re considering a Los Angeles copier, make sure you get all the facts before you make a final decision.