Copier Leasing

business woman working on office printerMany companies misunderstand what copier leasing is and what it entails. It is a common misunderstanding that copier leasing is only a one payment per month deal where the other associated costs are included. That is not the case. The lease is basically a way to finance a luxury business item where you don’t have to make a complete purchase. You can pay slightly less than you would if you had if you don’t need it at the end of the lease term. Typically, at the end of a lease term, a company has to renew the lease with a newer copier.

A lease makes financial sense when you have to add capital expense to your accounting. It is not always cheaper to lease than it is to buy a copier. Purchasing a copier all upfront does give you more options in the long run, but it may reduce your working capital. Try comparing the buy/lease deal of a copier to buying or financing a car. You may have only so much working capital to invest in your business, but spending all that cash can diminish your capabilities to invest in other areas of your business as well as maintaining your luxury copier.