What Kind of Copier do You Need?

business woman working on office printerIf you’re looking to buy a copier in Los Angeles, you should be prepared with questions that will help you to make the right choice for your needs. Some good questions to keep in mind while you shop are these:

• What kinds of maintenance services are included?
• What kinds of supplies are included?
• What’s the pricing difference between a color and a black and white copier?
• Does this copier come with any scanning options for your Los Angeles business?
• Are there a sufficient number of technicians that are skilled and available to work on your copier and accessories?
• Is the copier able to be networked in your office?
• Does the company provide a free buyout offer?
• If there is a free buyout offer, does that indicate that the cost would be equivalent if there were no old machine to replace?
• If the cost is not equivalent, what would the difference be?
• How much would it be for accessories like faxing, stapling and finishing?

When you’re armed with the right questions for deciding what copier to purchase in Los Angeles or elsewhere, you’ll be much more likely to get the best deal that matches what you need.