Need a Color Copier?

More and more Los Angeles companies are turning to their copier vendor for a color copier. These vendors are eager to give the companies just what they’re asking for. That’s because color machines cost more.

If you’re not familiar with gauging the quality of copiers in Los Angeles, you may end up with a costly machine that isn’t necessary for your needs. However, once you’ve gotten into a contract, you’re stuck with your choice for the duration. How do you avoid this mistake? Use these guidelines that will get you thinking in the right direction.

If you use tabloid paper, see if it costs more than letter paper. Also, have your vendor provide samples from what your company is printing in your daily operations. Samples from the manufacturer are nice, but they don’t show you how your copies will turn out, which is far more important. Finally, ask about any coverage penalties that may be in the fine print and read them carefully. You don’t want to find out too late that you’ll be paying extra for going over a percentage that isn’t compatible with your Los Angeles copier needs.