Buying a Copier or MFP

What to Consider Before Buying a Multifunction Printer

Multifunction printers reduce clutter and present your office in a more professional appearance. However, you do not want to buy the first multifunction printer you see. You should first weigh your options to guarantee you have chosen the right machine for the office, especially considering that it will determine how productive you are. First, look at the speed of your machine. In general, how much you spend will determine the speed. You should also look at the DPI rating. DPI stands for dots per inch, and a higher DPI will allow you to print off higher quality images.

In addition, you should look at the memory of your machine. A home office will want around eight megabytes of memory, and traditional offices should aim for 16 megabytes of memory. What does memory do? It allows you to print multiple files without having to print the files in chunks. Finally, test your multifunction printer. If you start your machine and dislike the interface, then it probably is not the best choice.