Xerox Copier Leasing in Los Angeles

5655-CopierGet a Xerox for Your Small Business

When you have limited capital, you have to choose your office equipment carefully. You want a copier that features quality, but the speed to maintain the demand of your business. Our Los Angeles company has continually provided small business owners with excellent Xerox copiers. Whether your tasks require digital copying, color scanning, document management or laser printing, Xerox provides these services at a reasonable price. Time and time again, Xerox has proven their performance and innovation. Small business owners have the option to upgrade an existing system or replace it.

The best Xerox system for small business owners would be the Xerox Workcentre. The copier produces high quality images and fast speeds. In addition, automatic duplexing is a standard feature that saves business owners on paper. Also, you can get the Automatic Duplexing Feature, which lets business owners copy up to 50 pages without having to intervene. The Xerox Workcentre comes with a standard paper tray that holds up to 500 sheets. In addition, business owners can upgrade to an additional paper tray, which upgrades the total output capacity to 1,100 sheets.