Fax Issues with the Xerox WorkCentre 6400

We recently received a phone call from an exasperated customer who told us how they were only receiving faxes from people in their address book. When it came to other people, they did not see the fax come through. They wanted to know how to handle the problem. We thought the most likely cause related to junk faxes. The WorkCentre 6400 includes a feature that keeps business owners from being bombarded with marketing faxes that they did not want.

How do you disable junk faxing? First, you must look at the control panel of the copier and press the machine button status. Next, touch the tools tab, and then go to the service settings. From there, you will reach the embedded fax settings. After that, you touch the incoming fax defaults and press the junk fax prevention. This will prevent faxes from printing if the fax telephone numbers were not stored in the speed dial directory.

Finally, you have to click save and then close and log out. Remember, if you leave this disabled, you will allow faxes to print even if the telephone numbers have not been stored in your speed dial. For more information concerning copiers, contact us, experts of the industry. We can help you to understand your copier better.