Great Color Copier: The Xerox ColorQube 9203

Looking for a great copier? Let us introduce you to the Xerox ColorQube 9203. This copier can print, scan, copy and fax. Another one of the amazing features of the ColorQube 9203 is that business owners can save time on their printing, scanning and faxing using a USB storage device and sending documents to email addresses.

In addition, you will be able to print in tabloid size paper of up to 12 x 18 inches. The ColorQube 9203 also uses Xerox’s patented solid-ink technology, which reduces up to 90 percent of the waste in printing. With this copier, you have access to print speeds of up to 45 pages per minute in color and 50 pages per minute in monochrome.

Do you print high volumes? With a 225,000 image per month print cycle, you will not have to worry about working this machine to death. Xerox made this copier for the hard jobs. The warm-up time is super fast at just 7.2 seconds. The Xerox ColorQube 9203 makes a great copier that you will not regret choosing.