Paper Quality Helps Copier Quality

Choose Carefully: Paper Does Count!

Ever wanted to do something small that would improve your printing? In today’s marketplace, we see numerous options for paper, and a lot of business owners fail to think about it. What makes up quality paper to print through the copier? We recommend business owners use their senses. For example, hold it to the light, feel its texture, smell it and listen to the sound it makes when shaken. We have a distinct difference in the papers that came from overseas and the papers sold by the United States because the standards here are normally higher.

How much paper have you thrown away because of jamming? Did you know that you could save money and reduce paper jams based on choosing a quality material. You also have to protect your paper from dust because this can also lead to more paper jams. To protect from dust, take your paper out of the plastic packaging and place it inside an airtight container. This eliminates the risk of dust jamming your copier.

Do you own a business in the Los Angeles area? For further information, you can contact our copier establishment. We proudly sell Xeroxes, and we can give you money-saving tips and ideas to help your copier go further. Most people overlook paper quality, but we are firm advocates for choosing quality paper.