Implementing a Paperless Protocol at Your Law Practice

Upset judge pointing at the viewer with a gavel while shoutingAre you looking to save money on paper? If so, a little effort can go a long way, and with a reduced dependence on paper, you will have created a greener workplace. Before you can go paperless in the office, you should scan all your documents to create an electronic copy of the document. You can buy or lease a scanner to store this important information, but a higher quality scanner will last longer.

Second, if you want to make an effective transition to a paperless protocol, do not eliminate your paper copies right away. We never recommend business owners do this because it can create extreme chaos for your business. Instead, save the paperwork for a minimum of six months to guarantee that you will have the relevant information when needed.

Before successfully moving to a paperless office, you will want to create a file-naming system that will create greater ease for finding the required information. If you want to stop relying on copiers as much, we can help. It is very difficult to go completely paperless, but if you implement the right strategy, you can still create an eco-friendly law practice that saves money.