How to Choose the Right Scanner for Your Law Practice

bankruptcy-alternativesWhen you handle paper documents constantly, it increases the chances of losing or damaging some of the files. That can make or break a case for your clients. Luckily, scanners allow you to convert your legal documents into a digital file to store for backup and for organization.

The first thing that you must look at with a scanner is the resolution. Scanners have a variety of resolution options, and the higher the resolution, the greater the details when scanning. Nevertheless, a higher quality scan will take longer to complete, and it will create a bigger digital file.

If your law firm only plans to scan text, then you may only need a lower resolution, and it will go much faster. The size of the scanner should also be considered. For example, a flatbed scanner can handle your standard-sized sheet of paper, but legal documents will often be larger than that. If you plan to scan large legal documents on a regular basis, then you will want a flatbed scanner that can accommodate for these items. If you have further questions about scanners, contact our Xerox copier company. We can help you to find the best office technology for your business.