Successful Scanning in the Law Office

iStock_000004801707Small(2)Work in a law office? If so, you probably deal with a great deal of sensitive information that you have to store and organize safely. If you want to scan paperwork, then you will not have to deal with as many hard copies laying around the office.

First, figure out the documents that you plan to scan. You can start with the most important documents that you need immediately and add the older paperwork later. Nevertheless, always create a plan before you decide to place your paperwork into an electronic format.

Second, determine your storage naming methods. You want to create something that will be easy to retrieve. Your employees should be able to find the documents easier when searching for them. Naming all the files, you can create a list of instructions for how to save and uncover the scanned documents.

After you have uploaded the document, you may still want to create a simple filing system that allows for you to grab the hard copy when needed. However, scanning documents into a document management system can drastically reduce and organize the amount of paper found in your law practice.