Document Management


What kind of document management company are you choosing?

If you are searching for document management then you may have realized that it’s not the simplest thing. The platforms features vary from company to company, and since it can cost thousands of dollars to get set up you don’t want to make a snap decision.

You may just think “Oh I’ll just use my copier and have the manufacturer provide the document management.” True, each manufacturer has their document management systems,  Xerox has Scanflow, Kyocera has KyoCapture, Lexmark has DocMP, HP has NetDocuments, Ricoh has DocumentMall etc. Sometimes they are only compatible with the brand that produces them. There may be an application where this is practical but I don’t see it.

A good doc management system is going to allow you to link it with multiple brands, it should also easily capture, store, and retrieve you files. If you can’t do this then you might need to reconsider the company that you’ve been looking at.

If you are looking for document management in Los Angeles we can help.