Buying a Copier in Los Angeles

color-copierAre you looking for a copier?  Buying a copier in Los Angeles is a big decision.  We work hard to help our clients buying copiers in Los Angeles get exactly what they need.  How?

We ask a lot of questions!

  • Do you need 11 X 17 or is Letter/Legal ok?
  • Do you need color or black and white
  • How many pages a month do you need to print?
  • Do you have smart devices that need to be connected?
  • Do you need stapling and hole punching?
  • Do you need fax?
  • Do you want to lease the copier or buy the copier?

Questions can get overwhelming, but there are not so many you can’t get through them in about 5 to 10 minutes.  These 5 to 10 minutes of asking questions can save thousands of dollars.  We prefer to ask questions to ensure you are getting just the copier you need.  If you want a copier in Los Angeles to buy or lease, please give us a call!