Returning a Copier

The time has come for you to return your copier. You have the contract termination date set, and you are excited to shop for a new, better copier for your office. Suddenly you learn that you are responsible for packaging and shipping the copier yourself. This can come with a huge price tag. At Copier Los Angeles we believe in saving money and want to help you understand what to do when returning a copier.

Making a business owner package and ship the copier on your own is a sneaky way to get your business in the future. If you call up your leasing company they may tell you that packaging your copier will be around $500 and shipping will be an additional $300! That’s almost $1000 in charges that you did not plan on having to pay.

Luckily for you the copier leasing company offers to do it for free if you get your next copier from them. This is how they get you. They take out the ability for you to shop fairly because the fees are too high to simply ignore.

Companies will cheat you out of your money because it is almost nothing for them to do the same job. They can send out a technician to do it in two hours, for a fraction of the cost it would be to you. They would also put it back on their own truck for virtually nothing.

So, what do you do when returning a copier and wanting to avoid working with the same company? Here are some steps to help you make sure you can shop fairly and not be trapped.

  1. Set up your termination date. Call up your leasing company and confirm that your lease is ending. This sounds silly but it is another way they will try and sneak you into getting longer service.
  2. Remove all consumables and package separately. Your user manual should let you know about everything that should be removed. Take lots of pictures to document your process as your package your copier.
  3. Let other dealers know you have a packaged copier that needs to be returned. They have better access to freight deals and can usually help you keep shipping costs down if you make a deal with them. This will often be cheaper than working with your current company.

Returning a copier should be the easiest part of your lease, but that’s not always the case. At Copier Los Angeles we think leasing should be easy and honest. Contact us today for your best copier leasing experience.