Tips to Save on Prints

Prints are a consumable that cannot be ignored when discussing monthly print and copier costs. If it is your first time getting set up with a new copier then you may be paying more for prints than you should. Many leasing companies use prints as a way to get themselves a bit extra money. At Copier Los Angeles we want to share tips to save on prints that they don’t want you to know.

It’s not always that people are paying more than they should for prints. The reality is that you are overpaying because you are buying more than you need. Leasing companies will try and convince you to over-purchase because it’s better to have it than need it.

They will also tell you that the prints will come at a high price if you need to restock in the middle of the month. While this is true, the case is that it is usually cheaper to buy for what you need than to buy because you are scared.

Leasing companies may even try to sell you prints at a reduced cost, but you are often still losing money.

  • If you wanted 25,000 prints per month it might be offered at $.015 per print
  • A leasing company might suggest to do 30,000 prints per month at $.014 per print. That way you have extra if you need it, and the price per print is less, so it’s like a deal.

However, this will cost you over $40 a month on prints. Unless you actually use your 30,000 prints every month then you are paying for a product that you are not using. Those prints do not rollover, so you are paying extra for nothing.

At Copier Los Angeles we do not believe in tricking people. We believe in fair copier leases and fair prices. Give us a call at Copier Los Angeles and let us show you what makes us different.