Judging your Copier Contract

When signed your copier contract it is important to understand all the ins-and-outs. Many people want to skim over the basics, but not read the fine print. A bare bones approach can leave you wanting more out of your contract, or can leave you disappointed when there are actually solutions available that you never knew about. At Copier Los Angeles we have three easy questions to ask when judging your copier contract.

  1. What is the true cost of the lease? Don’t just assume that your lease payment is a flat rate for everything? Where are your payments going for things like insurance, consumables, overages, and service contracts. Know what benefits you get, as well as where you might be responsible for charges.
  2. How will this improve my business? Your copier should be an access point to improve the efficenecy for your business. Find out how this machine will meet the demands you see in your company’s future. Get to know your rep and make sure they are on the same page as you, and recognize your needs
  3. What are the time constraints? Time is a huge factor into efficiency. Understand that cheaper products are likely to breakdown more and leave you with more downtime. Know what the agreement is for service contracts and how long you can expect for maintenance.

Looking at these three aspects of your lease can help you evaluate your needs and wants. If you find that one of these questions is foggy, or your leasing company won’t give you straight answers then you may want to consider a different option. Call us today at Copier Los Angeles for fair copier leases on great office machines.