Scanning with Confidence

If you run the type of business that relies on scanning, then you need to make sure your machine is up to your expectations. The difference between a good scanner and a bad scanner can be frighteningly different. There are different speeds and sizes depending on the jobs and size of your business needs.

Little desktop scanners are absolutely no match for full sized, office machines. As your scanning needs increase, you need to make sure you have the right machine for the job. You want the process to be fast, smooth and up your level of production.

Small desktop scanners won’t be able to meet the needs of busy businesses. A desktop scanner can only do about 10 pages per minute. A large office device can do up to 1000 sheets in a single hour. The key is to get something that can meet your needs, while not paying for extra bell and whistles that won’t benefit you.

Another way to improve productivity is to think about getting an automatic document feeder (ADF). This will automate the scanning process and let you focus on other parts of your workday needs. Be aware though, that ADFs are best for single sheets of paper. Fragile books and stapled documents won’t work as well when automatically fed through your scanner.

Before scanning documents to your computer, have a metal detector available that will check for staples and clips because either of these things hurt your scanner. In fact, this can turn into downtime that leads to a need for repair services, creating for a highly unproductive day.

Getting the right scanner for your business shouldn’t be difficult. Let our amazing staff at Colorado Springs Copier help you select the perfect option. We can make sure you are scanning the way the works for you.