Should I use Genuine or Generic Copier Toners?

Are you trying to save money on your copier supplies but don’t know if it’s a good choice? 


Everyone is looking to save money on copier supplies but you need to know the difference before making the switch.

Compatible or Generic toner cartridges are actually cartridges that are compatible to the brand of printer you’re using.

Genuine toners or OEM toner cartridges as they are commonly known are made by the company that makes the printers they fit in while generic toner cartridges are toner cartridges that third party manufacturers make for branded printers.

If you are considering switching to Compatibles supplies here are a few things to remember;

  1. Compatible toners usually produce slightly less quality than genuine toners. This usually affects graphic images or photographs. If only printing text these are perfect.
  2. Pick a reliable seller of Compatible toners. Go with good customer reviews of their products. Also check if they offer a guarantee on their products.
  3. Avoid remanufactured or refilled toners. These can usually be subject to wear and tear of being used a previous amount of times.


Third party manufacturers of generic toner cartridges price their cartridges in a way that their costs are covered and they make slight profits. This minor difference means that you can end up saving up to 70 percent by buying generic toner cartridges.

Consider the fact that it’s not just about the cost of one genuine toner cartridge. Instead, it’s about all the cartridges you’ll ever buy. What this means is that your savings add up massively over a few years.


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