Check out the Xerox Smart Start Software

Designed for Microsoft Windows users, Xerox Smart Start is designed to help proper print drivers for Xerox printers and multi-function devices. Use the installer program to help guide through which print driver to use with your device. You can also make your own selections before installing a Xerox printer.

The Xerox Smart Start software searches the local subnet for supporting Xerox printers using SNMP and detects sub-nets used by existing printers. It then searches those networks for new printers. Smart Start also allows for users to search for specific network printers using the host name or IP address.

The Xerox Smart Start provides users with the following services:

  • Makes recommendations on which driver will provide the best experience for their device
  • Xerox printer discovery
  • Using the Advanced Install option, download Xerox TWAIN and WIA scan drivers for compatible devices.
  • Upgrades your your Xerox printers with the newest driver releases
  • Choose Quick Install to automatically download the best driver from You can also create a select-able printer option quickly on the computer or use Advanced Install to allow admins to pick which printer they want to install or select PDLs.

Xerox Smart Start software supports the following systems:

  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 7sp1 (Type 3 drivers only)

Not sure where to find Xerox Smart Start? Follow these easy steps below!

Because Zeros Smart Start is a standalone installer, it requires administrator rights in order to download and install. To download this system, visit Be sure to follow the steps below in order to access the software.

  • Go to the Xerox support website
  • Select printers
  • Choose your desired product series
  • Choose your desired model
  • Select the Drivers and Downloads tab
  • Click Xerox Smart Start-Driver Installer

For more information about the Xerox Smart Start software and questions about installing the device, call us today at 773-897-5086!