Xerox Print & Scan App for V4 Print Architecture

The Xerox Print and Scan Experience App is all about providing the users with a touch-friendly interface to work with. You can access this interface when you are printing using different Windows store applications. 

You can click “More Settings” in the print pane located at the bottom-left corner. This is a unique characteristic that V4 drivers can manage.

You can also launch this application as a stand-alone app to work with additional functionalities, including scanning documents. Apart from that, it allows you to submit direct PDF prints, check print job status and device configuration. 

Furthermore, you can access it as a stand-alone application by clicking on the Windows Start Menu and typing Xerox in the search text box. You will see that the screen will be displaying the app as a stand-alone app in one of the top results. 

Plus, you can download this app from the MS Windows Store, and it will support all V4 printers by Xerox. Right after clicking Get It in the Windows Store, it will directly install on your system. It supports all systems above Windows 10 v1803.

There are three different variants of this app. One is the conventional Xerox driver that is product-specific. There is one driver for one printer. If you use a single printer, you can go with this variant. It is ideally suitable for home users. 

For office users, the app supports multiple printer models, including some non-Xerox printers and MFPs. Another variant is if this application supports a pull print application. Pull printing is where users select and release or pull their print jobs rather than sending the jobs from a computer for more secure document management.